About Us

The "Story" Behind STORYTIME


Storytime Foods was a business concept born in Middlebury, Vermont in 2014. Because a monument to her stands outside of our home, we dedicated our enterprise to Anne Story, "Mother of the Green Mountain Boys", who met adversity with grit, resolve and self-reliance. 

Descended from recent immigrant stock, we also dedicated our work to the memory of persecuted immigrant groups whose suffering brought so many families to eke out dangerous life experiments in this blessed land. Like "The Widow Story", they defied despair and, in doing so, made glorious marks on the American Mosaic.

STORYTIME FOODS arose from a family passion for making and serving exceptionally tasty (and healthy) ethnic and traditional American foods using locally-produced, high-quality ingredients. While the vast majority of our cuisine hails out of Armenian origins, we have woven in a tapestry of Old World cultural influences, from Ireland to Israel, from China to Chad, from Tblisi to Timbuktu.

STORYTIME is a new-world revival of centuries-old delicacies. We use NO preservatives, NO additives. We make great effort to secure local, Vermont sources for our ingredients, including Vermont producers of flour, eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables, honey, maple syrup, cider, vinegar, cheeses, butters and other dairy products.

STORYTIME's "MENU" represents the quintessence of ancient culinary excellence, passed down through our immigrant ancestors, extended family, and friends. Some personal "twists" make STORYTIME products new and interesting even to the Old World food connoisseur. Many of STORYTIME's mainstay recipes had periods of being verbally passed from one generation to the next, we’re sure, with many "re-scripting" opportunities. We like to think STORYTIME's recipes are the product of vigorous recipe-cropping at thousands of communal gatherings over many hundreds of generations, both in the Old World and the New. For us, each item conjures vivid libraries of life memories while connecting us and our own children with our near and distant past. 

STORYTIME uses the VERY BEST of LOCALLY GROWN, natural ingredients and produces USING SOLAR ENERGY since 2015! 

STORYTIME is pleased to bring our traditional and “twisted” foods to you, your family, and your friends with the hope that they become centerpiece components of your family and communal bonding events.

Our Promise - It's Worth It - Satisfaction Guaranteed

STORYTIME uses the very best of local ingredients in the preparation of our products.  We do not accept "bargain lots" or "bulk lots" of inferior raw ingredients to reduce costs.  We do not compromise the wholesomeness of our products with chemicals or artificial preservatives.  There is a risk in this business model that a particular item might, from time to time, be mislabeled, or degrade more rapidly than expected.  It has happened.  WE MAKE IT RIGHT.  To correct the infrequent errors, we have traveled HUNDREDS OF MILES.  Customer satisfaction is GUARANTEED.


Planet Earth Custodians

Shopping with STORYTIME suppports local farmers and producers and promotes responsible use of the planet.  We use organic ingredients in our products and SOLAR ENERGY has provided the main power for our processes since 2016!  Interested in learning more about the methods and motivations that drive STORYTIME FOODS? Get in touch!   We have answers.  Interested in visiting the STORYTIME FOODS farmstead?  Give us a call!  We'll put the dogs in their cages.